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We condemn the premeditated illegal capping of National Insurance numbers issued for European migrants.

David Cameron’s attempt to win votes is a disgrace, as he knows that the cap is illegal and impossible as long as the UK is a member of the EU.

He knows that he will not be able to do it legally and the only result of this publicity stunt which cannot legally be applied will be more prejudice and scapegoating directed toward European migrants.      

David Cameron Government has already tried the same type of illegal action, attempting to limit the number of NINOs  issued for Romanian and Bulgarians from 2007 to 2014.

The UK Government have never recognised that they have deliberately obstructed the issuing of NINOs for European migrants, but the open recognition of the fact that they  are considering doing it officially proves that they are bound to continue illegal persecutory actions against the European citizens.

We are waiting for an official apology for the illegal actions committed against the European citizens, which has pushed many of them in the last years to the margins of the society by not being able to work legally and pay taxes, forcing them into the position of scapegoats.

Please check the attached file.

The UK prime minister plans to impose restrictions on the free movement of citizens from EU member states:

Best Regards.  

Dr. Tommy Tomescu, DMD  
Leader of the Europeans Party  

Telephone +44 (0)7921 815 478 


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