Mariana Cristescu, Damen Passo Doble, Editura Nico, Târgu Mures, 2012

Romanian Wounded Soldier Florinel Enache was visited by President Obama at Walter Reed Military Hospital


"Heroes are those who have preserved intact reasoning and humanity in the face of suffering terrible. Known by name or anonymous heroes, some of these braves are known only to God. "(Silvia Cartwright)


I do not think there are enough words and gestures that we can reward a hero like Enache Florin, who sacrificed all for our good life and for his country happiness!

Tuesday, March 6, 2013 our soldier Florinel Enache was visited at Walter Reed Military Hospital by the President of United States Barack Obama. Before his was awarded by the U.S. President and one big American flag flew, in honor of the wounded soldier Florinel Enache, over the capital of United States.


These gestures are the highest honors that can be assigned to a soldier wounded on the battlefield. So, now Florinel Enache is not only a Romanian hero - he is the hero and source of inspiration for entire world!




In August 2012 the Romanian Embassy from Washington DC sent out a humanitarian call for Romanian Soldier Florinel Enache.  The soldier was gravely injured on a mission in Afghanistan in May 4, 2012. He suffered severe wounds from a detonated explosive device (EAD) and both legs and left arm above the elbow were amputated. Also, he suffered a numerous contusions and back injuries. 


Now the soldier is under treatment at Walter Reed National Military Hospital from Bethesda, Maryland.  His family (wife and son) are in Romania, but have the opportunity to visit him at various times.  The next visit will be for the Easter Holidays.


Efforts are being made to raise funds for Florinel's rehabilitation and a source of financial aid to re-establish his abilities to function once his health condition is stabilized and he is repatriated to Romania. 


The donations are being handled by Mrs. Lilly Pierce Foundation, an immigrant from Romania involved with Romanian Charity.  Mrs. Pierce address is: 6709 Stoneybrooke Lane, Alexandria VA 22306. Checks are made out to Lilly Pierce designating for Florinel Enache, and she will issue letters for tax deduction.  The money is given to the family in person when they make their visits.


Lillypad Foundation is  located at same address: 6709 Stoneybrooke Lane, Alexandria VA 22306; Phone 571 275 9022;  E-mail: ; Check payable to: Lilly Pierce, FDM;  Paypal:


Also, for visits and facilitating access to hospital, those interested can ask at Romanian Embassy - Military Attaché Office, phone 202-234-6206, 202-332-4846.



Foto Ana Tabrean Pennington, Pennsylvania

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