Mariana Cristescu, Damen Passo Doble, Editura Nico, Târgu Mures, 2012

It’s time to be patriotic, Again!

It happened over 28 years ago, the day I first put my foot down on this blessed land and I still remember the sweet smell of freedom.....what an extraordinary feeling that was... and now 28 years later I am looking around and I can’t recognize this wonderful country I live in .....slowly, gradually, silently our God given rights have been stolen away from us by this always hungry of power beast called government...

The government has corrupted our understanding of the constitution. The government does not have to tell us what we are and are not allowed to buy/eat/possess. A republic is built on laws, and when the government refuses to live by the laws we the people have no moral obligation to accept the governance they “provide” and enforce.

It took a special generation that had to sacrifice so many lives and so much blood in order to lay the foundations of this wonderful and great nation, that we love so much, America.

Today, we are the special generation that has the distinct honor of defending this priceless gifts, freedom and liberty. By rising to the challenge, we will honor our birthright, our heroes, our ancestors and our posterity. “ We are the ones we have been waiting for ...” Indeed we are.... The heroes come from within our ranks, you and me, your father, mother, sister and brother.... We are the ones who made it here on this blessed land of the free and home of the braves. Our foundation is strong. All that remains is to stand up join hands, fight and stand firm. You can make a difference ....We live at the center of history.... These historic times will determine who we are and what are we made of, it will define our character !!! Remember how much we had to sacrifice and how hard we had to fight to make it here alive .....It is time to fight again, not for ourselves this time, for our kids and their children, so they can have a future and enjoy their lives under the same constitution that protected and preserve our rights...

It’s time to save the republic. ”WE THE PEOPLE “have that power... the power of ink ..... use it wisely and go to vote on November 2nd and be the best that you can be.... vote, vote, vote......... it’s time to take our country back .....

Never forget that God is in control and I personally believe that we are truly being tested and I hope and pray that we will pass the test.

We must make God the cornerstone of this country, our country once again. Love God, Love thy neighbor as thyself and most of all have faith in our Lord and the wonderful people of The United States of America !!!

Raise your voices, vote your conscience and pray, pray unceasingly !!!

Angela Slayton

California, USA

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