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West Coast Romanian Youth Convention: The Rock, my God and Savior!

By Camelia E. Micu

Vancouver, Washington

Southwest California opened its heart and doors for the 2010 West Coast Romanian Youth Convention held from May 28-May 31 at The Rock Church. As Rev. Crinisor Stefan said: "This convention was made possible thorough God’s grace and by the two churches… We have a New Hope, Emanuel – God is with us!" The convention dynamically started worshipping together along with the worship group from Emanuel church pastured by Rev. Lazar Gog. Together as one we rose in worship and giving praises to our Lord Christ for He alone is Mighty! Followed by a time of worship, Alin Vrancila presented the first message in English. After Alin’s message, Peniel Camp presented a short video clip with experiences they have had at the first ever Peniel Camp here in the States. The upcoming Peniel camp will take place in Payson, Arizona from June 20-25, 2010. A skit picturing "Cofetaria Dulce" near Cluj presented a scene of what can happen when you put your trust only in your friends, money and fame, we are nothing without Christ and our trust should only be on Christ for He is our Rock. The evening ended with the main speaker, Rev. Leonard Semenea from Seattle speaking in Romanian. It truly was a great evening ending with more praise and worship to the glory of our King.



Day two of the convention started much the same way, as we came back together to the Rock we began with praise and worship along with the worship group from Living Water, lead by the youth pastor, Doru Gurban and pastured by Rev. Marinel Mesaros. Marius Chelmagan from Elim, Arizona was the youth speaker and God delivered a powerful and heartfelt message touching our hearts. A series of 3 seminars followed: "Evangelism as a Lifestyle" lead by Rev. Lazar Gog, "Door to Door Evangelism" lead by Mraius Sentivean and "Music as a Tool for Evangelism" lead by Narcis Damian… giving everyone the opportunity to attend the seminar of their choice. As the seminars came to a closure, Rev. Gog illustrated how to be salt and light amongst and around us encouraging the youth to be a strong light in the dark no matter what the circumstance. What followed next was another great speaker serving as the main message brought forward by Stefan Lepadat from Maranatha Church, pastured by Rev. Moise Gaode. This is another, yet, great message empowered by the Holly Spirit and encouraging everyone to make Christ known, because NOW is the time and today is the day.


An afternoon of fellowship and continued praise and worship was later held at Huntington Beach around the bonfire, shores, fun, friends, but mostly God’s wonderful presence.

As day three quickly approached, Sunday morning everyone was free and had opportunity to worship with the two main churches New Hope and Emanuel where yet again the Lord spoke through his people. As for myself, I attended New Hope were God’s message was brought to us by Pastor Avram Berghean from Agape Bible Church, Portland; Youth Pastor Ben Sterciuc, from Hope Romanian Church, Seattle and Stefan Lepadat from Maranatha Church, Sacramento. United in one voice we praised and worship our Maker and Lord. Back at the Rock in the evening for one last time, praise and worship was lead by Maranatha Worship Sacramento and Agape Worship Portland. Various missionaries were presented and encouraged to take part either by getting involved or support financially. The night went on to have the youth speaker, Calin Gog from Emanuel church, pastured by his father, Rev. Lazar Gog. Calin’s message was just as heartfelt as the first message heard this weekend encouraging us from the Word of God "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit come on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth" (Acts1:8)… to wait on the Lord, receive the power and to be witnesses amongst and around us. With such messages, more praise and worship by Peniel worship Group lead by Paul Oniga, and the beautiful voices of the United Choir and more messages to come, how could I have been bored in such a magnificent presence of the Lord? Absolutely not possible! In conclusion of this evening meeting God at the Rock, Pastor Janci Szasz from Canada spoke and shared of what God laid on his heart. It is estimated that the attendance on Friday night was around 800 people and a lot more on Saturday and even more on Sunday night....there was a full house for the Lord.

Concluding this year’s convention, everyone was welcomed at the Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley for more fellowship, drinks and snacks and of course a lot of activities involving everyone whether playing volleyball, Remi, Mexican train, etc., but no matter what each of us did there, one thing was for sure, that as this convention came to a close and each of us meeting and making new friends, we were all grateful to have been part of praising and worship God, hearing and hopefully applying God’s messages to our daily lives and to live a Christ like life. Next year’s convention will be in Sacramento hosted by Maranatha Church pastured by Rev. Moise Gaode. Till than my dear friends, let all live for Christ! I know I was blessed this weekend and I hope you were, too. Should you want to view the convention services, please go to .

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