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The Romanian - American Committee for Bessarabia

cio “Holy Cross” Romanian Orthodox Church


5150 Leesburg Pike, Alexandria, VA 22302-1030.


10 May 2005

TO: Honorable George W. Bush, President of the United States

The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC, 20500

RE: The United States, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova.

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the two million Americans of Romanian origin we wish to congratulate you for your courage and dignity for having condemned the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact on your recent trip to Europe. We also want to congratulate you for your statement that the Yalta agreements represented a great injustice done to the Eastern European nations. You stated Mr. President that “the captivity of millions in central and eastern Europe will be remembered as one of the greatest wrongs of history.” We were moved by your honest stand on this issue. As loyal American citizens, we stand by you in these trying times: the war against terrorism, the global transition to democracy, and the efforts to make right the wrongs of the past.

We were saddened, however, that you never mentioned in your speeches that together with the three Baltic Republics, Romania was also a victim of the Molotov- Ribbentrop pact. According to the provisions of that infamous pact, in June 1940 the Soviet Army invaded, occupied, and annexed the Romanian provinces of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina. Shortly after the annexation, Stalin dismembered those provinces, launched a terrible campaign to erase the Romanian character of the area, and set up the Soviet Moldavian Republic. Despite the massive post-war Soviet arrests, deportations and relocations, to this day most of the inhabitants of the area have remained ethnic Romanians.

After the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, Moldova declared itself independent. Nevertheless, this new republic has been unable to rid itself of the old communist regime and to join the European democratic family of nations. Furthermore, its breakaway Trans-Dnestr region has become a cause of continuous frictions and of geopolitical instability. In view of the recent democratic changes in the neighboring Ukraine and of the increasing importance of Romania for the United States, we believe that America should start to consider a new approach in this part of Europe. The current Republic of Moldova is just a Stalinist vestige of the past. The Democratic world cannot condemn Stalin and his crimes without righting the injustices that he caused and that are still with us today.

As prominent members of the American-Romanian Community we wish to bring to your attention the statement sponsored by our committee “The United States, Romania, and Moldova” presented in the U. S. Congress by Congressman Jim Gibbons of Nevada on March 26, 2004 and printed in the Congressional Records - Extensions of Remarks (pp. E454-456). This statement represents the views of the vast majority of the American citizens of Romanian descent currently living in the United States. In summary, the statement mentions that the Romanian-American community greeted with joy the fall of communist dictatorship in Romania and Soviet Moldova. We all expected a quick return to democracy in the two countries and a possible reunification of the Republic of Moldova with Romania in the hope that together they would join NATO and the European Union. While Romania joined NATO and then recently was invited to join the EU, the new Republic of Moldova took an opposite direction. This republic continued to be manipulated by unreformed communists while its policies remained under the strong influence of Russia’s geopolitical strategists. As a result, this republic fell again in the hands of the Communist Party; its economy fell into shambles; its Trans-Dnestr region became a hub of international arms trafficking and other illicit activities; and its population sank into despair.

As loyal American citizens, we want to promote the best relations between Washington, Bucharest and Chisinau. It is our firm belief that the best solution is to accept the idea that as a former Romanian province, the only natural place for Moldova is with Romania. We do not advocate an immediate reunification or a quick change of US policies, but we suggest that this option be explored. We also believe that such a goal will help both countries, will promote American security interests in southeastern Europe, will continue to secure the unreserved friendship of the Romanians for America, and will even help Moscow by ridding itself of a source of regional frictions. To this end, we are ready to lend our full support for the best interests of our adoptive country, the United States, our country of origin Romania (Moldova included), and for the peace and security of southeastern Europe.

In closing Mr. President, we would appreciate your response and assistance and would be grateful if you grant our Committee an audience.

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Gheorghe Calciu

Dr. Nicholas Dima

Valentin Tepordei

Dr. Silviu Ziscovici

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