Mariana Cristescu, Damen Passo Doble, Editura Nico, Târgu Mures, 2012


(translation in english by

Daniel Ionita)


Time is passing, time comes yet,
All is old, and all is new;
What for good or ill is set
You can ponder and construe;
Do not hope and do not worry,
What’s a wave, will wave away;
Though enticing with a flurry,
Cold remain to all they say.


Many things pass by before us,
Many things we hear and see,
Who remembers all their ruckus
And would listen to their plea?…
You sit quiet ‘round the edges,
Find yourself, despite their fret,
While you hear their noisy pledges,
Time is passing, time comes yet.


Not inclining in expression
The cold balance of our thinking
To a moment, an impression,
Mask of happiness now sinking,
Of its own death notwithstanding
Takes one lonely breath for you;
But for him who’s understanding
All is old, and all is new.


Entertained by actors playing
In this world yourself depict:
Though four roles one is portraying,
His true face you can predict;
If he weeps, or if he’s fighting,
You just watch him without fret
And deduce from his inciting
What for good or ill is set.


Past and future go together,
The two faces of a coin,
You can tell tomorrow’s weather,
When you learn the two to join;
All that was and all that follows
In this moment we see true,
On their false and empty hollows
You can ponder and construe.


The same means this world is using
To constrain in all she fashions,
And for thousand years suffusing
Joy and sadness duly rations;
Other masks, the same old drama,
Other mouths, the same old story,
Discontent by their conformance
Do not hope and do not worry.


Do not hope because some cretin
Wrestles to successes steady,
Idiots will have you beaten,
Though you’ve shown them off already;
Have no fear if when they gather
Ostentations they display,
Don’t resemble them, don’t blather:
What’s a wave, will wave away..


Like some charming siren calling,
The world’s luring and inviting,
Other actors when they’re falling,
It wants you to do their fighting;
Move aside, it’s just deception,
Pass them by, away you scurry,
From your path make no exception,
Though enticing with a flurry.


Should they touch you, get some distance,
Should they curse you, keep your polish,
Why to help and show persistence,
When you know they just demolish;
Let them blather on forever,
Doesn’t matter whom they sway,
Don’t grow fond of them, be clever,
Cold remain to all they say.


Cold remain to all they say,
Though entice you with a flurry;
What’s awave, will wave away,
Do not hope and do not worry;
You can ponder and construe
What for good or ill is set;
All is old, and all is new:
Times is passing, time comes yet.





Vreme trece, vreme vine,
Toate-s vechi si noua toate;
Ce e rau si ce e bine
Tu te-ntreaba si socoate;
Nu spera si nu ai teama,
Ce e val ca valul trece;
De te-ndeamna, de te cheama,
Tu ramai la toate rece.

Multe trec pe dinainte,
In auz ne suna multe,
Cine tine toate minte
Si ar sta sa le asculte?...
Tu aseaza-te deoparte,
Regasindu-te pe tine,
Cand cu zgomote desarte
Vreme trece, vreme vine.

Nici incline a ei limba
Recea cumpan-a gandirii
Inspre clipa ce se schimba
Pentru masca fericirii,
Ce din moartea ei se naste
Si o clipa tine poate;
Pentru cine o cunoaste
Toate-s vechi si noua toate.

Privitor ca la teatru
Tu in lume sa te-nchipui:
Joace unul si pe patru,
Totusi tu ghici-vei chipu-i,
Si de plange, de se cearta,
Tu in colt petreci in tine
Si-ntelegi din a lor arta
Ce e rau si ce e bine.

Viitorul si trecutul
Sunt a filei doua fete,
Vede-n capat inceputul
Cine stie sa le-nvete;
Tot ce-a fost ori o sa fie
In prezent le-avem pe toate,
Dar de-a lor zadarnicie
Te intreaba si socoate.

Caci acelorasi mijloace
Se supun cate exista,
Si de mii de ani incoace
Lumea-i vesela si trista;
Alte masti, aceeasi piesa,
Alte guri, aceeasi gama,
Amagit atat de-adese
Nu spera si nu ai teama.

Nu spera cand vezi miseii
La izbanda facand punte,
Te-or intrece nataraii,
De ai fi cu stea in frunte;
Teama n-ai, cata-vor iarasi
Intre dansii sa se plece,
Nu te prinde lor tovaras:
Ce e val, ca valul trece.

Cu un cantec de sirena,
Lumea-ntinde lucii mreje;
Ca sa schimbe-actorii-n scena,
Te momeste in varteje;
Tu pe-alaturi te strecoara,
Nu baga nici chiar de seama,
Din cararea ta afara
De te-ndeamna, de te cheama.

De te-ating, sa feri in laturi,
De hulesc, sa taci din gura;
Ce mai vrei cu-a tale sfaturi,
Daca stii a lor masura;
Zica toti ce vor sa zica,
Treaca-n lume cine-o trece;
Ca sa nu-ndragesti nimica,
Tu ramai la toate rece.

Tu ramai la toate rece,
De te-ndeamna, de te cheama;
Ce e val, ca valul trece,
Nu spera si nu ai teama;
Te intreaba si socoate
Ce e rau si ce e bine;
Toate-s vechi si noua toate:
Vreme trece, vreme vine.



traducere in volumul:

Testament Anthology of Romanian Verse Bilingual Edition English Romanian

Sydney – Bucuresti

15iunie 2015

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