Mariana Cristescu, Damen Passo Doble, Editura Nico, Târgu Mures, 2012

Romanian Greek-Catholic Church


The Committee of Action for the Completion and Spreading
of the Memorandum for the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church
United with Rome:

The author of this MEMORANDUM is the Greek-Catholic populace from Romania and the entire world, which consists of 5 Greek-Catholic Dioceses from Romania, the Romanian Greek-Catholic Diocese from the United States, the missions and Greek-Catholic churches from other countries, and organizations such as ASTRU, AGRU, the Association of Greek-Catholic Company Attorneys, the Association of Catholic Doctors, the New Memorandum Movement and many more.

This populace is represented now and ad-hoc through an Action Committee, which is formed by great personalities, such as writers, university professors, newspaper writers, doctors, company attorneys, historians, engineers, functionaries of the state, businessmen, representatives of all the above-mentioned Eparchies and members of the civil society. The Archdiocese of Alba-Iulia and Fagaras

Alexandru Cistelecan - writer, university faculty Ioan Buzasi - writer

Sever Muresan - attorney

Iacob Marza - historian, university professor

The Vicariate of Bucharest and the old Regat Vasile Marcu - attorney

Ioan Fageteanu - university professor

Laurentiu Moisin - engineer, president of AGRU Dorina Nastase - political analyst

The Diocese of Maramures Gheorghe Pop - writer, university professor

The Diocese of Cluj-Gherla Doina Cornea - university professor

Ioan Patiu - doctor

Nicolae Gudea - historian, university professor Marcel Stirban - historian, university faculty

Remus Luca - attorney

The Diocese of Oradea Liviu Garbea - doctor

Petru Daraban - company attorney

Ioan Lupa - newspaper writer and publicist

Aurel Rozor - doctor

Cornel Ardeleanu - judge

Filip Gheorghe - doctor

Constantin Pantis - engineer

Petru Ghilea - economist

Felician Vaida - engineer

The Diocese of Lugoj Preda Iosif - university professor

The Romanian Greek-Catholic Diocese in America

Dorel Nasui - businessman,

President Romania-NATO Alliance, Chicago

Mircea Sabau - university professor, physician doctor, Chicago

Vasile Bouleanu - media producer, businessman, Chicago

Calin Caluser - medical doctor, chief radiologist at Chicago,

Cook County Hospital

Marius Teodorescu - medical doctor, university professor,

University of Illinois at Chicago, orthodox

Silvestru Moraru - professor, Toronto

Eugen Radasanu - engineer, Toronto

Vanda Cornea-Jones - business woman, Chicago Ramona Cornea - PhD, engineer, Rockfort, Illinois Cristina Mora - business woman, Chicago

The Romanian Greek-Catholic Church in Paris, France

Magda Ioanovici - business woman, Paris, France Dan Ioanovici - architect, Paris, France.

This Memorandum is to be translated into key languages of usage in the world, and sent to all the embassies and diplomatic missions in Romania, the European Community, NATO, the Vatican, the European Governments, The American and Canadian Governments, the Congress of the United States of America, the Amnesty International Organization and many other ones.

It will also be sent to all local and national authorities and other public institutions from Romania.

When this text will be sent, it will also be made public through the Romanian mass media, as well as the entire world.

In addition, there will be a special Internet web site posted which will hold the main purpose of collecting electronic adherence from the whole world for this Memorandum. The address is:

This memorandum remains open to all those that agree to and sustain fully this cause, they will all be added to the supporters list. During this period of time there can be sent solidarity and support letters from different institutions and organizations in Romania and from all over the world.

Those who want to reply or write to us are invited to do it on the following address:

Episcopia Romana Unita cu Roma, Greco-Catolica - Oradea

In atentia Memorandumului greco-catolic

Str. Ep. Mihai Pavel, 4

Oradea, jud. Bihor, cod. 410210


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